Sunday, October 7, 2012

My One And Only Rebel Child

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from Landon's gym teacher. She told me that after talking with Landon and another boy, this is the story that came out from the two of them. Believe me, I wanted to interrupt her a couple of times and say, "Are you suuuuure that's the way it happened?" but, I did not. As hard as it was for me, I kept my mouth shut and I listened. Here is the story...

During gym (for the sake of the privacy of the other boy, we will name the other boy, "Fred.") Fred stepped on the back of Landon's shoe. Fred admitted that the first time was an accident, but then he decided to do it again. Landon asked him to stop. (I am having a hard time with that part. I envision more of a "Knock it off!" but, this is the gym teacher's story, not mine.) Fred did not stop. He kept stepping on the back of Landon's shoes.  It was then that Landon threw Fred to the ground and started punching him. (I can see this.) They were then hauled to the Principal's office, where they told their stories and it was decided that their punishment would be that they would have to sit on the wall at recess for three days. (I agreed and was so thankful they weren't expelled!)

When I hung up the phone, I have to admit I had a few mixed feelings. On one hand, I hate that Landon had to be involved in a fight, and that it was bad enough to be hauled to the Principal's office. But, on the other hand...while I certainly don't approve of violence, I am proud of Landon for asking Fred to stop the first time. That showed maturity. I am also proud of Landon for sticking up for himself. Even if it wasn't in an appropriate manner, I am relieved to know he can take care of himself. In a crazy, immature way, I'm kinda proud that my kid can kick ass! ( I can't help it. It's the redneck in me!) Yeah, yeah, I know. There goes the Mother Of The Year Award for me. Again.