Sunday, October 21, 2012

Look Who's Driving!

Several years ago, when Landon was about 4 or 5, he jumped on Tim's riding lawn mower and took off across the yard, zigzagging all over but clearly heading straight for a huge tree. Tim had to ruuuun to catch him, (I was watching the whole thing through the window and trying hard not to throw up and laugh at the same time.) and just made it within seconds to stop the lawnmover before it plowed into the tree. Since then, I have not even suggested that Landon help Tim cut the grass with the riding mower. Just the push mower. Today, I looked out the window to see Landon calmly driving the riding lawn mower with Tim walking along aside of him explaining how to shift the gears. It brought tears to my eyes. How far he has come! He did a great job and only tried to go fast when he "thought" he was out of sight. I don't blame him. I'd do the same thing.

Not sure if you can see his tongue sticking out here.
That's a sign of serious concentration!
Taking the leaves to the trailer.
Happy Driver!