Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ebay, Baby!

 If you go back a few posts to my cast iron post, in the middle of the table is a dark turquoise, mermaid boot jack. I listed this boot jack on Ebay Tues. night and was shocked to wake up Wed. morning to find that it had sold! (I added a "buy it now" option.) I am currently working on an Etsy store, but it takes a lot of work to get that set up and it's a slooooow process. Pictures, descriptions, prices....I will let everyone know when it is ready to go, someday....Anyway, I was impatient and wanted to see how it would go on Ebay as that is a quick process. I was really excited with my quick sale and decided to post a few other items and they haven't moved. At all. DISAPPOINTMENT! I can see that I have a few "watchers" so I am afraid they are going to bid the low price at the last minute and I will be forced to sell my items at that crazy low cost. I don't like that. At all. I can see how Ebay could become addicting and depressing all at the same time. If that happens, then I will either drop Ebay all together or list buy it now only prices. Either way, I am still going to stick with my Etsy store and slowly but surly get it all put together. I like the fixed prices and no bidding part. A lot! If it's a flop...well it will just be one more wilted feather to stick in my cowgirl hat. There are quite a few in there already, but I am proud of each and everyone of them. No one can say I didn't try. Stay calm and list it.