Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just Another Day....

Had a couple of funny events happen today. First, I greeted a little boy at the door this morning without makeup and a towel on my head. (We had a miscommunication on time. lol) I thought I might have scarred him for life, (and his dad too!) but after I finished getting ready, I sat down beside him on the couch and he said to me, "Hey! You're pretty again!" Guess he's gonna be just fine.... (don't know about the dad though....ha!) ;)

Then, I accidently left my baggie of "secret stash" candy coated peanut butter eggs in the dc room last night. While I was fixing dinner today, the kids were picking up the toys in the dc room and found them. With their mouths crammed full of candy, they came running up to me and showed me what they found. I asked them if they ate any of it, and all of them gave me a chocolate, peanut butter filled....."Nooooooo." :) :) :)