Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jesus Loves Me

Yesterday, Tim came home for dinner and I took the opportunity to run to the grocery store for a few items. Milk and steak actually. I like my steak small and thin and fresh, and I absolutely need to pick it out myself. Since I am not a huge meat lover, it was kinda a rare thing, for me to be wanting steak. But, everything happens for a reason, and steak I was a cravin'. So, off to the store I went. My bill for the milk and steak and the other 3,233 items spontaneously picked up, that I didn't need, came to $48 and some odd cents. So, I told the cashier to give me a two dollar ticket. Might as well make it an even $50.Right? Boy, oh boy! Am I ever glad I was craving steak! I won $500!!! By the time I got to the bottom of the ticket, I had just about peed my pants! What an unexpected surprise! So, of course I had to post it on facebook. I titled it, "Jesus loves me." One of the comments was something about Jesus and scratch tickets and how they didn't go together, which brings us to a whole 'nother topic. Religion. (for the record, I wrote back..."That's just how I roll. lol) As a child, I had every Bible story pounded into my brain over and over. Because I was just a child, I believed everything I was told. No questions asked. When my family moved to Florida, my parents became friends with another couple who believed in God, but not all the Bible stories. This floored me. I could not for the life of me grasp my little brain around that. But, now as an adult, it's becoming more and more clearer. I am not questioning my faith at all. However, I am now questioning some of those stories. Take for instance, Daniel and the lions den. Here is a full grown man who is thrown into a den of lions by the King. Not only do the lions not even so much as sniff him, they lay down and ignore him! As a child, I was amazed by that story. As an adult, I am thinking if this story is true, then there had to be some serious catnip involved. It has changed my views on the whole religous thing a lot. Whenever I have to fill out any forms where "religion" is asked, I simply write, "Presbyterian." But, I am not Presbyterian any more than I am Catholic or Luthern. We joined that church because we really liked the Pastor and we wanted to get married in a church. Simple as that. I would say I am Christian, I believe in God and I believe God only asks that you do the best you can. I don't believe the ten commandments are "law." I believe they are a guideline to help you along the way. I don't believe if I use a "naughty word," or "buy a scratch ticket" I will go straight to hell, as the Bible says I will. I do have a lot of second thoughts about some of  those stories in the Bible, but it doesn't change my faith in the Man upstairs whatsoever. Those stories were written by men, and we all know how fish tales go. (Just kidding fellas!!) Do I think Jesus/God had a hand in that winning ticket? You bet I do! I think anything involving something wonderful is his doing. That and a whole lot of karma and luck mixed in. It's a big ol' world he has to take care of, and I am sure he welcomes any help he can get. Unexpected blessings! Praise the Lord and pass the A-1 sauce. I've got a lucky steak to eat!!