Wednesday, March 7, 2012

B*tt Whoopin's From Above

The next post you read (I wrote it before this one.) is kinda a pity party post. I was complaining a bit because I didn't have enough "time" to get all the things I wanted to accomplish, accomplished. I'm pmsin' a bit this week (Sorry, fellas.) and feeling a little sorry for myself and a bit crabby. (My new dishwasher plug in quit working and it was kinda the straw that broke the camels back.) After I posted it, I went on facebook and read a post written by a friend who just unexpectedly lost her husband in a horrific accident. And.... Bam! There it is. Reality check sent straight from above.(Oh yeah...the tears were pouring.) Boy, that was the kick in the pants I needed. I got the message loud and clear. I am blessed. I may not have everything I want, I may not even want everything I have. But, I have enough and I am going to appreciate it. All those little things can wait. I am going to sit still and hug and kiss on my son more, (He's gonna love that!) and pay more attention to my husband ( Once again, he's gonna love that! ha!) and hug on my dc kids more too. Life is too short to pout. I'm done. Well, I'm gonna give it a good shot anyway. I'm only human. I might need another kick in the pants again, but I am sure it will find it's way to me. That's one thing you can always count on in life.
B*tt whoopin's from above as needed. Amen.