Monday, February 6, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Is Retiring

If you look close, sitting in the bottom of the glass of water, is a tooth. A big tooth. One of the back molars. When Landon was little, our tradition was, whenever he lost a tooth, he would place it in a glass of water when he went to bed. Then sometime during the night, the Tooth Fairy would take the tooth and leave a dollar or two under the glass. I told him that when he started to lose his bigger teeth, the Tooth Fairy would leave bigger amounts of money. The past few years though, he has stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause.....makes me quite sad, it does. The last couple of teeth he lost, he brought home from school in a little bag. Never even mentioned the Tooth Fairy. Then the other day, he came home really excited. He had lost one of his bigger teeth! He informed me that this one would bring in the big bucks! I was a little excited too, because I thought maybe some of that childhood magic had reappeared. That night, he put his tooth in a glass of water. When he went to bed, I slipped a five dollar bill under the glass and went to bed too. The next morning, Landon said to me, "Hey mom. You forgot to take the tooth." I told him that the Tooth Fairy must have forgotten and he just said, "Yeah, right." And...poof! There goes the magic. The Tooth Fairy is now retiring. She's gonna keep her big bucks and buy some sweets for her own teeth. She's long overdue.