Saturday, February 11, 2012

Play Ball!

I tried to take some pictures at Landon's basketball game today.
But, no matter what settings I tried, the results were the same.
 Blurry, too light or too dark. I very much dislike my camera.
 I am treating myself to a nice camera this weekend!
 Enough is enough. I used to have a really nice camera,
 but one of my little dc sweeties tossed it across the room several years ago,
sending it to camera heaven...So it is time. I am long overdue.
That's Landon making the shot here. He's the big blurry blob by the net.

I did take a few close ups. They are a little bleached out,
 but at least you can read the words.
 I know I could photoshop them, but I'm too impatient for all that.
Landon made several shots, stole the ball from out of no where,
ran it down the court and scored! Sadly, I have no pictures to show you.

Patiently waiting to be put in the game...

That's right.

My Big Warrior!

So proud.