Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Future Business

O.k. this is a picture of a bag of coffee. The next post, which I already posted will tell you all about it. I did these backwards. It's one of those days...Anyway, this post is about the window that is hanging on the wall up and behind the bag of coffee. It's a little big for the space, but it will do until I find the perfect window. It's an inspiration from Pinterest. A couple of years ago, I crackle painted some old windows and hung wreaths on them. I sold them at the fair with my purses. I had one left over and decided to hang my grandma's recipes on it.(They are over 50 years old!)The site had photos hanging on their window with hooks, but I decided to put my own spin on it. I had picked up a few little hangers with mini clothes pins on them at Patina White's, and they worked perfectly here. The reason I am getting so excited about Pinterest is, it has given me 4,332 ideas and inspirations for another little side business. I have been thinking about this little business for a few years, but didn't have anything to guide me, to get me started. I would go to little shops and admire and wish for something like it, but nothing really ever came of it. Until I discovered Pinterest. The windows experiment was a small dip in the water, but it wasn't enough to get me excited to jump in completely. But Pinterst not only shows you a picture, it comes with assembly instructions! Just the boost I needed! I can hardly wait to go pickin' and huntin' down junky stuff, to turn into absolutely must have treasures! Here are a few pictures that I am using for inspiration, to give you an idea of what-in- the-world I am talking about.

I am hoping to have enough projects completed to sell with my bags at the Farmer's Market this summer. See you there! I'll be the lady surrounded by purses and classy trash!!