Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines

Here it is again. The most romantic day of the year. Men all around the world are spending insane amounts of money, to prove their love and keep in their spouses good graces, for yet another year. Tim is not romantic. At all. So, when he came home today and said that, "Maybe we'd go out this weekend for supper." (I had play practice tonight.) I wasn't surprised. At all. I gave Tim and Landon their boxes of Valentines candy, then I headed off to play practice and didn't think twice. While I was at play practice, Tim and Landon were busy. They were both in bed sleeping when I got home, but here is what I found. Surprise!

A little treasure hunt,
telling me to follow the clues...

My favorite candy in the whole wide world!

This one said...
Surrounded in X's and O's!

I love Lofthouse Cookies!

Thank you Tim and Landon.
That was better and certainly more fun,
 than a dozen roses!
In my good graces, you shall be.