Monday, December 19, 2011

Savin' It For Good

For years, I saved things. I didn't use the good towels, the good china, or the good steak knives, because I was saving them for "good." I was saving them in case someone important stopped by. You never know. Be prepared. Because that's the way my mother did it, and that's the way her mother did it, that's the way I did it. I even put off going places. I planned trips to Florida to see my mom for years, and every year something would get in the way of my plans, (Usually Tim!) and I would cancel my trip. Then last year, I decided enough was enough. I booked a trip to Florida to see my mom, and when the time came to go, I went. That trip was an eye opener for me. As I spent the days catching up with my mom and old friends, it made me realize that life is too short to keep waiting for "someday."  (I went again this year too, and loved every minute of it!) For a wedding gift 9 years ago, we were given a beautiful hand embroidered set of dish towels. One for every day of the week. Beautiful, crisp white linen towels, with 7,566 hours of hand stitched love poured into them. I didn't even want to use them for "good.." I didn't want to mess them up. But when I got back from Florida last year, I got out those towels and used them. Every day. Messed them up I did. But, I have no regrets. They are now my favorite dish towels. Messed up and all. We now use the good steak knives and the good china is now a part of my every day dishes. I don't care if the plates get scratched. I love using them. Every day! Life is just too dang short. Use the good stuff. I promise you, the president isn't coming to your house. You can relax and use the good towels. Go ahead. You'll love it!! Yesterday I was Christmas shopping in Fargo, and as I checked out of  Hallmark, the cashier handed me a white paper bag. On the bag was printed....

I couldn't have said it better myself.