Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's Go To Florida!

First stop on the list was to see my Sweet Momma!
And tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas!!
I get my fun side from her!!

Getting mani's with mom!

Found the coolest little statue place on the side of the road.
Everything was made from recycled aluminum.
Sadly I wasn't able to bring one home as not only did
they weigh 2,333 pounds, they were priced at
$200 and up!! That was a little insane...
Oh yeah. I rubbed the heck out of those bellies!
I do believe this will be the year my lottery numbers hit! 

This guy was as tall as my house!
Only $6,000....
What a deal!

Walmart is pink!!

Manatees are painted on the side of Walmart!
How cool is that?

Stopped to see a few Manatees.

This is the closest shot I got.
They didn't feel like showing their faces that day.

My sweet and crazy friend, Tara.
Thank you Tara, for the 2,344 laughs!!!

All dressed up!

The lady in the red dress had to have been at least 80 years young.
She was doing the splits and bouncing right back up!
Tara gave her a run for her money, here!
I hope I have as much spunk as the lady in red, 
when I'm in my 90's. And I do plan on living well into my 90's!

I saw Momma kissin' Santa Clause...

World's Largest Flea Market!
Can you say purses??
There were at least six of these purse booths there!
It took me hours to get through the whole market.
Loved every minute of it.

Welcome to Daytona!

It was raining when I hit the beach.
Both times!!!

I thought the old pelican sitting on top of this pole was pretty cool.
What wasn't cool, was as soon as I snapped the picture,
the skies opened up and it started to pour!
Of course my car was 1,222 miles away...

Stopped at the gas station to get a cup of coffee.
Whoa...took me a minute to figure it all out!

The pop choices were pretty cool too!

Had a super fantastic lunch with two of my favorite classmates.
Michael & Glenda.
They look exactly the same!!
It was like stepping back in time.

Glenda brought me cookies!!
I did manage to bring most of them home with me.

She also gave me a Christmas Pickle ornament for my tree.
Legend has it that if you hide the pickle in your tree,
whoever finds it will have good luck the rest of the year!
Guess who's gonna find it? Ha!

The Race Track!
I used to go to the races every year,
 as it usually landed on my birthday.
 Now, those were the days...

I always loved Richard.
If ya ever get to Gator's,
ya gotta have the clown make you an animal balloon!

And don't forget to get your face painted too!

No vacation is complete without wings...

Or a cat!

All too soon, it was time to head home.
I can never get enough of the clouds.