Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Ya Talkin' About?

After almost 10 years of being Landon's mom, and 7 years of taking care of 4,323 day care kids, my "What ya talkin' about?" look radar is permanently on. I know every "look" there is. I know the look that says, "I'm laying here sleeping. I don't have my DS game under the covers. Really." I know the look that says, "I just picked my nose and wiped the boogers on your couch." or "I took her cookie and made her cry, but if I hide it in my mouth and don't chew when you are looking at me, you will never know ." Not much gets by me. I've pretty much got it down to a science. At the craft fair on Saturday, I gave each of my customers a candy cane as a small thank you. I had a few left and stuck them in the cupboard and forgot about them. Until tonight. Tonight about a half hour after I had tucked Landon in bed, I found him standing in the kitchen. I asked him, "What are you doing?" He had the "look" of pure guilt on his face. As he wrapped his arms around my waist he said, "I just came down to say good night Mom. Good night Mom." Oh Yeah, right. I instantly lifted up his shirt and he protested with, "What the heck Mom? I can't even say goodnight without you doing a body search?" I pulled, not one, not two, but three freaking candy canes out of the waistband of his pajama bottoms!! I then had to endure a little "You are so not cool, Mom!" speech as I hauled him back to bed. Oh, my little man.....let me tell you just how cool your momma is. I'm so cool, that in the morning, I just might have those candy canes for breakfast! Might use them to stir my coffee. I just might. And tomorrow when you ask me where those candy canes are, I'll give you my best, "What ya talkin' about ?" look. And you will have no choice but to believe me, because after all I learned how to perfect that look from the best there is. You, my little sweets. Sometimes you teach. Sometimes you learn. I'm learning all the time...and someday when you have kids....I might return the favor and teach them everything you taught me! I can't stop smiling at the thought. O.k. don't have to say it. I know. No, "Mother Of The Year Award," again! Gettin' kinda used it that anyway. Ha!