Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just Leave Me Alone. Please.

I know I've posted before about my problem finding clothes that I like/fit I have to try on 1,223 pairs of jeans to find one pair I like...etc...but let me tell you what I really dislike about the whole trying on clothes thing. It's not the clothes. It's not the lighting. It's not even the horrible mirrors. It's the help! One of  my favorite stores is really annoying to shop at. I won't say the name, but you probably will figure it out anyway. When I ask to use a dressing room, they first ask my name. Then they write it on their dry erase board that hangs on the dressing room door, in huge letters. Spelled incorrectly of course. So now everyone knows Deseray, (Seriously. Have you ever seen it spelled that way? Anywhere???) is in that dressing room, half naked, desperately trying to find something that fits half way decent. Then two seconds after they shut the door, they rap on the door and in a high singsongy voice, I hear... "How ya doin' in there, Desiree?" For Pete's sake! I haven't even had a chance to take my shoes off. But, I'm nice and shout out a "Just fine!" Then two seconds later I hear, "Can I get ya anything, Desiree? Do you need a bigger size?" Once again, I'm nice. I reply, "No thanks! I'm good." Then they are nice and give me about a three second reprieve before I get another rap and a, "How ya doin' in there now, Desiree?" It. Is. So. Annoying!!!! What I really would like to say in my own singsongy voice... is,  "Could you bring me a cup of coffee and maybe a sugar cookie or two? And if you have a nice fuzzy robe and a pair of slippers, bring them too. Actually a newspaper would be kinda nice. Do you have the Fargo Forum? If you can't round them up....then just leave me alone. Please. And thank yoooou!" Someday I just might do it too. Wonder if the cookies will have those little sugar sprinkles on them? I like sprinkles.