Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Guesses

Guess what this is.
I'll give ya three guesses.
No clue?
Well.....let me tell ya....
Tonight Landon had his karate class. His dad said he had to run to his store for a few minutes, but would be back to take Landon to his class. I was really tired tonight, and still had a mountain of laundry to tackle, so I decided to shut my eyes for a tiny cat nap. About 15 minutes later the phone woke me up. It was Tim. He had locked his keys in his van. I wasn't quite awake and I told Landon to get ready as we had to bring his dad a key and I would drop him off at his class. While he was getting dressed, I closed my eyes again for just a second, or so I thought. Landon tapped my shoulder and said "Come on, Mom! We're gonna be late! So, I jumped up and got my coat on, but I noticed Landon kept walking behind me. Usually he is five miles in front of me, so my little red flag started waving. I said, "What are you doing?" and started to do a pocket check. He tried to tell me nonchalantly, "Nothing Mom....ladies first...." That was just too much bologna for me to believe, as this child thinks nothing of doing a full blown body tackle on me, if it means getting to the remote first. So, I made him open his mouth. (No gum in class!) Nothing there. I checked his hair and his hands. I couldn't find anything, but I still had that "feeling." Off we went anyway. I dropped off the key and then I dropped off Landon. When I got back home, I opened the garbage can and there on top was the bottom of Landon's pants!! Apparently they were too long and he decided to do a little mending! I knew he was up to something! I just knew it. I refuse to be that parent that let's their kid go out in public like that, just to teach them a lesson. Landon could care less and the only thing that would come of it, would be all the "Can you believe his mother cut his pants like that?" talk. Tim took him some new pants and when Landon gets home,believe you me, we're gonna have a little home schooling on mending and manners!!