Sunday, November 13, 2011

Solo Road Trippin'

Decided to take a little road trip by myself Saturday afternoon. I told you about Beth's, Patina White shop at the Detroit Lakes Flea market a few posts back Well after the season ends, she has another shop at her house. She has an annual event that I've never been to, so off I went! What an absolutely fantastic day. The sunshine, warm weather and my cup of joe and I hopped in my super cool mini van, (O.k. O.k. I know. It's not really cool. But it's paid for and that's cool!) and hit the road. The best part for me, about traveling solo is, if I see something that catches my eye and I just have to have a shot of it, I stop. I get the shot. There's no begging... "Please stop the car! Please turn around!Pleeeeease!!!" And there's no whining, "Oh gee....guess we missed it. Can't turn around here. No room.... It's too far back...." Whatever. So, yeah. I stopped 2,344 times and turned around 4,333 times and took 5,443 pictures and only came up with a handful of good ones. But, hey. It was my day. I can do that on my day. Here are a few shots that made me smile and stop the car.
Hope they make you smile too.

Now that's funny!
I would love to meet the people who did this.
You just know they are fun!!

I've posted this one before.
It makes me laugh every time I see it.
One of these days I'm gonna stop
 at that Liquor Store just for the heck of it!

Oh Beautiful, for spacious skies...
It could have been a better shot, but I had to take it
without looking as I drove by. Had to keep my hands
on the wheel and my eyes on the road!
Not bad for shooting blind if I do say so myself.
Gotta love Perkins for doing this.
Did you know there is a flag at every Perkins?

Don't ya love this?
Probably not, but I do!
There wasn't anyone around and there was a little
driveway, just calling my name...

My dream home.
Just kidding!
It's the house that went with the silo.
I can't help but wonder what happened to the
people who lived here. Where did they go?

Actually, this is my dream home.
It's Beth's house.
Wouldn't you just love to sit on that porch
on a hot summer day, sippin' a little lemonade?
Maybe not. But I would!

And here is Beth's shop.
It's so sweet, I can hardly stand it!

This is Beth.
Love her boots!!
Here she is inside her shop, where all the magic happens.

This made me laugh.
I wish I had one.