Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Are All Alike

This morning, my dc kids and  I were sitting at the table working on a few new puzzles I had picked up last weekend. As I was showing the little girl next to me how the new puzzle worked, she slowly reached up and started twirling my ponytail. She said to me, "You know we have the same hair? Only your hair is long and light and my hair is short and dark." It made me laugh and I thought it was a good opportunity to teach her a lesson on what opposite meant. After she listened to my little speech, she insisted, "No. We don't have opposite hair, we have the same hair! We are both soft." Man... She was right of course. She didn't care what my hair looked like. It just felt the same to her. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone thought like that?  Even though we look different, we all feel the same. Today, my little dc girl taught me a lesson. We are all alike. Like it or not.