Thursday, October 27, 2011

Girl's Only Movie Night!

I have a super cool, funny, sweet and lovable Aunt, Idamae. (She's just like me! lol) She recently sent me the movie, "New In Town," and a mystery envelope. I was instructed to watch the movie with my girlfriends and not to open the envelope until after we saw the movie. She said it was really funny and that we would laugh and laugh.... So, I asked my "funny" friend Jackie if she would like to come over and watch the movie with me. After trying to make it happen several times with no success, we ended up going to her sister Dawn's house. (Dawn is another one of my "funny" friends!) Boy, did we laugh!!! That movie is hilarious! It is about a woman who moves from Miami to New Ulm, Mn. Can you imagine? (Actually, I can!) It was a super fantastic movie and if you are from around here, you will love it! I highly recommend it. Thank you Idamae for sending the super, wonderful, funny movie and giving my friends and I a reason to get together and share a few laughs. It was much needed and most appreciated!! Might have to make "movie night" a regular thing....

New In Town
1,017,066 laughs guaranteed!

What was in the mystery envelope?
Tapioca Pudding Mix!
Want to know the story behind that?
Watch the movie!!