Monday, October 10, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

After years of planning, Dawn & I were finally able
 to get together for our girls weekend!
Olive Garden!
Brenda & Mo
Had to hit playland in the mall for a little big girl fun!
These kids refused to let us have the little dino.
So, we shared. Like good kids!
I wish I had a cave like this that
 I could hide away in at my house.

Nancy joined us later.
Ready to paint the town red!
Or at least pink anyway.
We put the camera on the timer.
Didn't work too good.

One more try.
A little better.
First stop.
Nancy and Mo learn that when you push two tables together,
You shouldn't be against a wall.
Getting so smart on this trip!
The Naughty List.
Every where we went they asked for our I.D.
Not to make sure we were 21,
(Hey, we could pass for 21....let it go....)
but to make sure we weren't barred from their establishment!
I was shaking in my boots everytime they looked for my name.
What is going on in Fargo???

There was a little Octoberfest thing going on outside.
Not sure if he was part of it, or just likes red socks.

Look at the chick in the green skirt!
I think someone mighta slipped a little something in her ale!
That looks painful!
Dawn's friend, jill joined us later.
When I as a little girl, my dad had a pick up just like this one!
(Minus the siren.)
My mom used to write her and my dad's names on
the dashboard with chalk.
I loved that truck!
I would love to have one just like it someday.
(Minus the rust!)
What a trip down memory lane.

Until these guys came along and ruined the moment. lol
Showing the girls how to toss and catch popcorn.
That's cheating!
Once again...

Not even close.

Show me your disco move!

Staying Alive!

John Travolta ain't got nothin' on us, baby!

Thanks for the good times,