Sunday, January 9, 2011

Work It, Girl!

About once a month, I make a shopping trip to Fargo. Mostly for groceries. Between the DC kids, my family, and our cats and dogs, I have 19 mouths to feed! So, I load up 1,233 grocery carts or so and make Walmart very happy. (They really should give me some stock. I know I am one of their best customers!) I decided to make a trip yesterday. The cupboards were bare and Mother Hubbard needed to get out of the house! I had been doing some research on exercise DVD's. If you google it, only 10,600,000 results pop up. Only. That's a real number folks. Go ahead. Google it.
It was mind boggling! They had everything from Richard Simmons to the P90X Extreme Workout. (I have to admit I still have a few of my old Richard Videos.
I can't help it. I love him!) The P90X comes with 13 DVDS! I was looking at it, but I know me and probably wouldn't be able to get through even one of them. I'd end up using them as sliders to move my furniture or something. What I was really looking for was something to show me how to correctly use those rediculous 3 pound hand weights I have. (I really think they weigh more than 3 pounds and are just labeled wrong. Seriously. They are heavy!) So, when I entered Walmart and found the first aisle I came to held nothing but workout items and DVD's, I took it as a sign to stop and linger. (Walmart is taking it as a $$ sign and counting on everyone to have the same New Years Resolution!) After about an hour of browsing and reading and muttering, "No way!" many times, I finally walked away with a $9 Denise Austin Pilates DVD in my cart. She comes with 3 "simple" (according to her!) workouts
that "could" trim and slim my entire body in as quickly as 21 days!
(I'm in no hurry though, so it might be more like 221 days.) If I can get through even 1 of those 3 "simple" workouts, then I will have gotten my money's worth.
I saw a cool  plate at Gordman's yesterday too. It's going to be my inspiration.
It had the following saying painted on it:
"Don't ask God to make your life easier.
Ask Him to help make you a stronger person."
Well, here I go again. It's me, God. I need your help...