Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Puff The Magic Dragon

I was doing a little research on dragons for a friend of mine, (It's a long story.) and I came across this link of a video of Peter, Paul and Mary singing, "Puff The Magic Dragon." There is a lot of controversy regarding the true meaning of this song. Being a "child" of the 60's, to me it was simply a wonderful, magical song about a magic dragon named, Puff. (It wasn't until I was a teen, that I understood what they were really talking about.) I hadn't heard it in years, and yes the tears were flowing. If the song has any special meaning to you, you may want to grab a tissue before viewing. The first link is Peter, Paul and Mary singing "Puff" from 1966. The second link takes you ahead many years later. (Sadly, Mary passed away in 2009, after a successful recovery from leukemia through a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. She succumbed to the side effects of one of the chemotherapy treatments.)
Thank you Tara for asking me about Dragons.
It lead me to a long forgotten, but oh, so magical, happy place in my childhood.
Thanks for the ride down memory lane.