Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Town Is Blessed

Sometimes when you live in a small town it can be a little frustrating. Lots of little things. Living far away from everything, makes traveling in the winter difficult. We miss out on many events. Jobs are limited. Wal-mart is miles away. (O.k. that's just one of my own frustrations. Everyone else is probably fine with it.) Living so close to one another year after year, makes your personal lives open to everyone. Sometimes people get your story right, sometimes they don't. Frustrating. However, living in a small town also has its perks! When Tim and I were asked to help with a benefit for a friend, We said, "You bet!" There were many others involved in helping and it all came together quite nicely. In a big town when a benefit is thrown, that person's family and friends show up. The rest of the people in that big town haven't a clue who the person is, so more than likely they don't bother to contribute. In a small town, the whole community knows who you are. Everyone knows your name. They show up. The community comes together to gently blow the wind back into the sails off those whose sails have fallen. I love living here in our small town.
Yes, I do believe our town is blessed.