Friday, January 21, 2011

No Kissin' In Public

Landon is at the age where I am no longer allowed to express any signs of physical affection towards him in public. No kissin'. No huggin'. If I have a moment of forgetfulness, and try to hug or kiss him when we are out and about, he quickly and sternly tells me, "Mom! Knock it off! You're embarrassing me!" Hmmm....I'm embarrassing him? How many times has he embarrassed me? I can't even begin to count the incidents. How about the time that my Daycare food program lady came to visit? Landon was about three years old and as she sat down, I offered her a cup of coffee. She politely declined. So Landon said to her, "Well, how 'bout a beer?" (She declined that too!) Then there was the time when he was two, that he decided to stick a dozen panty liners on his bedroom window, which just happens to be on the front of our house! I told him he could not play with them, because they belonged to "mom." He cried and cried and told me how mean I was to hog all the BIG stickers! (There is just no explaining that at two.) I don't think we are even close to being even in the embarassment department. But, even though it breaks my heart, I go along and respect his wishes. I try really hard to stay cool and not embarrass him. I'm doing a pretty good job too, but I am sure that when he is older and starts bringing home cute, little hotties, I will once again embarrass him. Actually... I take that back. It won't be me who embarrasses him then.
That will be his dad.
Sorry Landon. Everyone gets a turn.