Thursday, July 1, 2010

Opie, The Final Chapter.

So.....last night Tim and Landon came back from fishing. They walked in the door and Tim said "We both agreed that Opie would be better off in the country. Right, Landon?" Landon's lower lipped started quivering and his eyes filled with tears. Then Opie walked into the room. Landon grabbed Opie and took off running up the stairs to his bedroom, screaming the whole way... " I.....can'!!!!" I felt horrible. This morning, I found Landon fully dressed sleeping up right in a chair with Opie. I think he was preparing for another quick getaway if need be. Also, he had drawn a very elaborate floor plan of a cat house he was going to build for Opie, because in our debates we said we didn't have room for another pet. (He must have spent hours on it while we were sleeping.) So, I decided to throw in the towel and try and convince Tim to let Landon keep Opie. I know, I know....what was I thinking? Well, to be honest, Landon never asks for anything. He doesn't care about toys or games. All he ever asks for is to have friends over (EVERYDAY!) to play or spend the night or vice versa. (We say no to that more than we say yes.) Also, he has never fought so hard and long for anything. He truely does love Opie. (We have had many cats walk through our yard and he has never tried to catch or keep any of them!) Well, Tim wasn't budging. He is working on a house on a lake today and is taking Landon along so he can go fishing. I told Sarah this morning that I was pretty sure Tim wasn't going to budge, but Landon had all day to work on him. (Sarah has been so patient and understanding throughout this whole ordeal. Thank you, Sarah!) So, Tim and I were talking about the whole situation (Again!) and I said,  "You know, ten years from now Landon will be in college and most of our pets will have passed on. None of this is going to matter in ten years." He just looked at me with a blank expression on his face. I knew I had him. So, Tim and Landon made a stop at the bank this morning.
Landon took $250 (YES! It costs $250 to fix, declaw, shots, kitty!)
out of his savings account to pay for Opie.
Love isn't cheap.

Ready for a quick escape!

Still sleeping...

Master floor plan.