Thursday, July 29, 2010


I love to laugh. Laugh out loud. There is nothing better than an unexpected belly laugh. The kind that takes you by surprise and lasts and lasts. It leaves you feeling like you just did 2,322 sit ups and exhausted, but feeling so, so good. I have a funny warped sense of humor and it doesn't take much to get me going. Sometimes I start to get the giggles and can't stop. It just has this grip on me and won't leave. For hours. This can be a little bit of a problem. I could be all alone in a store and suddenly see or think of something funny and I start with a little snicker. Then a snort or two. Then I am laughing uncontrollably and the checkers are looking at me like "Should we call someone for her?" Then seeing them look at me with that "look" makes me laugh all the harder. It's a vicious cycle I tell ya. I also love watching other people laugh. Belly laughs. The kind where the tears just pour, they turn all red in the face and can hardly breathe or talk. That makes me start laughing right along with them. I love it. But, I have to be real careful with my husband, Tim. Especially if we are in the car and stuck with each other for hours with no escape. Sometimes it's something as silly as a booger hanging off his nose, or if he says or does something that I think is ridiculous, I have to be careful not to let it "get the best of me." One or two laughs is o.k. Seven or eight is not. I really try hard not to laugh at him though. Honest. But, sometimes it just over powers me. I have a weak funny bone. I usually have a book along for our road trips and I try to bury myself in my book when these instances occur. But, then I can't stop thinking about it, and a snort will come, followed by a gulp for air and then pure laughter. Over and over. After he gives me a few "Knock it off!" and "It's not funny!" or "You wanna walk?" (This ALWAYS makes it worse, but he never fails to deliver.) I try extra hard to be quiet. My poor hubby. He puts up with a lot being married to me. Bless his heart. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to bottle up laughter? Anytime you needed a pick me up , you could just take a sip from your bottle of laughter and let it rip. But then again, I guess that's what they make beer for.