Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rummage Sale Jackpot!

It's no secret I love facebook. I've mentioned before, how I love to correspond with my 5,777,443 facebook friends, without ever having to fix my face, do my hair, clean my house or bake a cake. Love it! But, there is something else I love about facebook. Our little town an a few other nearby towns, has a little rummage sale page. Here I have purchased many toys for my daycare at super fabulous prices, and sold many household items that might have otherwise taken a trip to the local boys ranch. It's a wonderful page. A couple of days ago, I purchased an item for myself. It was a super cool jean jacket. I loved it because it had a fun and pretty embroidered and blingy (gotta have a little sparkle!) emblem on the back. Check it out.

Now, how cool is that?
The price?
I know!!
Incredible, huh?
Here's the best part.
Tucked underneath the back collar,
a little tag was sewn on,
with the words...
I love facebook. I love rummage sales.
And I love my new jacket.
 I'm sorry, but I have to tell ya...
You will never, ever see this jacket on the rummage sale site.
It has my name on it.
Yep. That's me.
It you don't believe me,
ask my husband!