Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fat Cat

Photo: This is fat cat. Years ago, my mom sent him to me in the mail for my birthday. I love him!!
This is fat cat.
 Years ago, my mom sent him to me in the mail for my birthday.
 I love him!!
His normal home is tucked under my ladder of quilts,
but I always thought he deserved something better than that.
 So, I had a brainstorm and decided to send out a ISO (in search of)
to all my facebook friends to see if they might have an old birdcage.
Yep. I said, birdcage.
Almost instantly, Janette Schmidt replied with this picture,
 and said I could have it if I wanted it. Did I want it? You bet I did!!
 It was perfect!! And the best part was it had a stand too!

Tim made the mistake of stopping by the house this morning. I only have three little dc girls today who all adore Tim. So, I hollered, "You're in charge!" to Tim as I flew out the door with my two cans of spray paint and did the world's fastest spray paint job ever! He didn't mind having his ego boosted for a few minutes and the girls were thrilled to have his undivided attention.

Sigh....I can sense trouble already....
Lucky seems to think there might be room in there for him too!
Thank you, Janette Schmidt!! It's perfect!!
 Now, I just need a little feathered birdie to set on top of the cage....
Anybody got one of those??