Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wild Kingdom

July 26th
This morning as I walked through my darkened living room, half awake, headed towards my beloved coffee pot....I spotted Lucky and a hairball laying on my brand new carpet. With a sigh, I bent down to pick up the hairball (As a mom and dc provider, I've picked up worse and it was 5:30 A.M.) .....and the hairball MOVED!!!! Lucky's foot shot out and pinned that live hairball to the ground. It was a b...aby mouse!!!! In the 15 years I've lived here, I have always had at least two cats and I have NEVER even seen a mouse! I wasn't prepared. I have never screamed so loud in my life. Not when the blackbirds flew down my chimney, into the basement and into my face when I opened the basement door. Not when Landon put live frogs in his pockets for me to discover when I did his laundry. Not even when he chased me through the house with those said frogs. My screams brought both Tim and Landon out of their deep sleep and to my rescue. Landon thought it was soooooo funny and Tim thought it was "nothing." I beg to differ. I think the street workers last night must have stirred up something out there. That's way too big a price to pay for a little bit of blacktop. I'm awake now.
I am VERY happy to report, that our "baby mouse," was actually a mole, and he appears to have been an orphan with no visiting friends!!!
August 7th
This morning as I walked through my darkened living room, half awake, headed towards my beloved coffee pot....(Sound familiar?) I saw Lucky stretched out in the middle of the floor as usual. Suddenly, I saw something tiny, about the size of 2 Cheerio's, JUMP three feet up in the air, which made Lucky jump three feet up in the air, which made me scream a few naughty words, and go flying back up the... stairs to the safety of our bedroom. I made it about half way up the stairs and had barely gasped out the word, "frog" , when I saw a blurry vision that resembled a child, fly past me, yelling, "Frog? Frog? Where's the frog???" It took Landon a few seconds to find it as it was so tiny, and it was the same cream/tan colors as our carpet. (Clever little bugger he was!) Lucky was even still hunting him down. Landon found it, hauled it outside where it belonged, and saved the day! I hugged him, kissed him, (and told him to wash his hands!) then told him to go back to bed, as it was still very early. As he headed up the stairs, I heard him giggle and say, "wuss." It's probably the only time he will ever get away with calling me names, because it's true. When it comes to mice and frogs, yes indeed I am a wuss. I am so not cut out for this Wild Kingdom, living room living. When I retire, I'm moving to a condo on the beach, on the 125th floor!