Sunday, September 15, 2013


This is what happens when you let the "big kids" get involved. Remember the nice little chicken wire frame (It's in the lower right hand corner of the picture here) that was "suppose" to be the cover for the bunny cage? Well, it's about four sizes too small now!
The next thing I knew....there were real live bunnies in that cage!
Brownie and Nosy.
(Nosy was Shadow, but because he has a white spot on his was changed.)
At first I was upset, but it's been about a month now, and Landon
has proved over and over he is a responsible bunny owner.
They are cute and cuddly and he loves them dearly.
Hope he still loves them when it's 20 below out
and he's gotta go change the litter!! Hahaha...
Oh yeah, he will.