Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rummage Sale!

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I've had 5,667 rummage sales in my lifetime and I swore I would never have another one. Until someone on facebook created a Traverse County Rummage Sale page. I would just list an item or two here and there. Then I started to dig through some of my "funky junky stuff" as I've been meaning to thin out the masses, if you will. (But, parting with it is so hard!) I did post the majority of my beads (They aren't doing well. Guess there aren't any serious beaders in our town. haha) and I posted a little old school desk, which sold right away. I sold  some earrings, a bracelet, a curtain, and Landon sold a few ds & Wii games. It was kinda fun. Then this weekend the roads were icy and Landon and I were bored. I really started digging in my regular junk stuff. Stuff I would have actually sold at a rummage sale. I posted a ton of stuff and Landon posted books and movies. Apparently the rest of Wheaton was bored too, because it was flying off the webpage! I had to start writing down who wanted what, because I couldn't keep up with it all! I don't know if it was good junk, or the timing was right or what, but Landon and I made $118 in a few hours and never left the house! Now that was fun! Landon kept asking me, "Did anything else sell? Check facebook again! Check it again!" He was so funny and it kept us busy most of the day. There is still plenty on cool stuff from other people on the site, and some of our junk is still there too, if you want to go shopping. You can even check it out in your pajamas or with curlers in your hair. (Do people still wear those things?) That's the beauty of online shopping. There's no judging and everyone's money is accepted just the same. Now that's the cat's meow!