Sunday, January 20, 2013

Angel Wings Are Screaming At Me...

A long time ago, someone posted a picture of a huge (they are three feet tall!) pair of wooden distressed/chippy white angel wings that were available for purchase on Pinterest. This isn't the original picture, but it's close. It's beyond me why I didn't pin it, as I loved them.
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I mean LOVED THEM! I fell HARD! However a long time ago, I decided that if something was more than $25, it needed to not just speak to me before I would buy it, it had to scream at me, "I LOVE YOU!! TAKE ME HOME!! I WILL MAKE YOU THE HAPPIEST GIRL ALIVE!!!!"  (I tended to be an impulsive shopper and this little tibbet here has saved me $5,876,445 bucks. Seriously!) Let me tell ya, those wings were hootin' and a hollarin' at me at the top of their lungs! (Well, wings.)
But, the price tag was over $300, and there was just no way I could bring myself to do it. Apparently the rest of the blog/crafters world fell in love with them too. But, not the price either.

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 Next came an Etsy shop that made/copied them and while they were in the "loud voice" range,  they were not in the "screaming" range. They looked a little too big and heavy. Also, the price was $180, and that was still way too much for me.

I saw distressed wooden wings at a new store in town for ~$80.  I want them but how much more fulfilling to make your own, right?  And here's how!

Then someone made a pair out of pieces of cardboard. Cute, but that barely gave me a whisper. I was just going to have to accept the fact that they were not meant to be for me. Then one day I entered a contest. (No, I didn't win a set of wings. Although I would bend over backwards and follow 3,477 steps if there ever was one!) Part of the contest (I don't even remember what the prize was.) was you had to "like" the site, "Decor Steals." I looked at the site and liked it, so I liked it, like they asked me to do. (Ya got all that?) I actually love that site! They have one or two items up for sale at a fraction of the price and only a limited number available. So, if something pops up that you like, you better be on the ball or you will miss out. I have never ordered from them, but if I like something, I check back to see how quick it sells in the event something should scream at me, and it's always sold out quickly. So, the other day I was checking my email and up popped an email from Decor Steals. I clicked on it and there in front of me was....Oh yeah....

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MY WINGS!!! MY FREAKIN' AWESOME WHITE CHIPPY DISTRESSED LOVELY LOVELY ANGEL WINGS!!! And....the price was....are you sitting down? $78.50 with $5 shipping!!! Oh my stars!! Yes, I screamed and flew off the couch and grabbed my purse (cats darted under the couch, and fur went flying!! Luckily no one else was home to scare the goobers out of) and ordered those wings before anyone else even had a chance to consider it. And I was a winner!! I made it in time and my wings are on their way!! Where am I going to put them? I haven't a clue. I'll keep you posted when they arrive and I figure it out. I'm so excited! I got my wings!! I got my wings!!! I got my wiiiiiings!!!! I think I might have just peed a little.