Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Vacation

We are on a mini vacation. I have so been looking forward to this. I could  hardly wait to sit and do nothing all day for days. I know, I know, what am I doing on the computer if I'm on vacation? Right? Well, turns out I am not very good at doing nothing. Don't get me wrong though. I am loving it! We are at a little fishing resort. It's a sweet little spot in the middle of the woods. The water is nice and there are plenty of fish for Tim and Landon. There are also FIVE dogs that live here and wander from cabin to cabin looking for handouts.They are all old and slow, so that helps a lot! No little yippers. I am looking at two of them looking at me right now. Yesterday when Tim and Landon were out on the boat fishing, (I don't fish) I went swimming, laid in the sun, read my book, drank a beer, petted the dogs, talked to a few neighbors, (There are only a few cabins so it's really secluded. LOVE THAT!) and then I thought, now what? Thank goodness for wireless internet! I didn't know what to do with myself. I was also all set to sleep in. I was up at seven this morning. Wide awake. So, I made a crumb cake and waited for Tim and Landon to wake up. I am now sitting on the deck with my coffee and two dogs and the momma bird who has a nest full of babies right above me. I just might get used to this.

The Jolly Fisherman Resort

Our Cabin

Landon couldn't wait for Tim and started
fishing out of the boat from the dock.
Got a fish on his first try!

Gonna try this!

Love this.

A sweet spot of wild flowers by our cabin.

Doing nothing!

Thank goodness for wireless internet!
Turns out, I'm not very good at doing nothing.

They caught fish!

Any day that I don't have to cook supper,
is a good day for me!

Serious Fishing.

Life is good.