Friday, July 1, 2011

Fishin' Contest!

Landon won a new fishing pole in a fishing contest for biggest fish, when we were in Akeley last weekend. The photographer from the paper said she would send us a paper. I was waiting for the paper so I could post the picture. Today I received a newspaper clipping of Landon's picture. It wasn't from the photographer of the paper. It was from a lady who purchased a purse from me! She recognized Landon and our last name from when she made out her check to me.
I am tellin' ya, those folks are just too sweet!!!

The Caption Says...
"That's the biggest! That's the biggest!"
Landon Siegel, 9, of Wheaton,
declared of his rock bass.
And he was correct.
Siegel's 10-ounce whopper
took top honors
in the kid's fishing contest.