Monday, August 1, 2011

Winding Down...

Our mini vacation is winding down. It was just what the Dr. ordered. Landon is obsessed with fishing and has been fishing for three days nonstop. He is in fish heaven. In the boat, off the deck, even standing in the water with a net. Catch and release. Catch and release. All day long...I have never seen him so happy and content. He loves nature and has found many turtles, frogs and bugs. Each one is as exciting to him as the last one. He asked if we could move here. I told him maybe someday. Who knows. That lucky lottery ticket just might be right around the corner! Tim is very happy too. There is no "honey do list" here. The most strenuous thing he has had to do so far is fry fish and shuck corn. He is quite content. Me. I am trying really hard to "be still." I was feeling a little restless just with life in general. I couldn't put my finger on it. It was just "there." I kept questioning myself and the path my life was taking. So, this little break was in high demand. The first two days, I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I could be doing and getting done if I had these days off at home. While I love being here and the peace and quiet is pure heaven, my mind never shuts off. Yesterday, we went into Detroit Lakes for the Arts in the Park and the Shaddy Hollow Flea Market. I found a few fun things for my dc kids and I met a woman who also does dc. We talked for a long time, exchanged email addresses and I walked away feeling inspired and back on track! I had also been questioning my purse business. I have been selling bags for almost six years now. I keep saying one more year....But, I was starting to feel in a rut and a little bored. At the Flea Market, I saw several cool items that gave me inspiration and the boost I needed. I have decided to add a few new things to my purse line, and once again I am excited and ready to go. Once I got my "business" fix, and an unexpected, new friend who not only listened to what I had to say, but  actually understood and could relate, I was good! Today I am feeling much more rested (I even slept in until 9:30!!) and have a much clearer vision of where I am headed. I am having a much easier time just being still and enjoying the moments as they come.
I feel refreshed and ready to go.
Bring on life!!

Tim feeding the fish a little bread.


Big catch of the day!

Happy Camper!