Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hi! How Ya Doin'?

Tim, Landon and I went to Akeley this weekend with my purses. It was Paul Bunyan days. Every time we head to that part of the country, (The general Walker area) I feel like we are entering "Minnesota Nice Country." Everyone, and I mean everyone, is so nice! (Not just the Walmart greeter who is getting paid to be nice.) They all say, "Hi! How ya doing'?" and they wave from their cars as we pass each other on the roads. We are learning to drive with our hand held up in the "hello" position at all times. Towards the end of the day a very well dressed, elderly lady approached my booth. Her hair was perfectly styled and she had several rocks on her fingers. She never said a word while she picked out FOUR purses. As I was bagging up her purses, she asked me how it was going. I was going to just reply, "Great!" (It was!) when I looked up at her and I realized that she really meant it. She really was interested in knowing "how it was going for me." Normally I hate when people judge others by their jobs, money, etc. and I hate to admit it, but when I saw her, I instantly judged her. She reminded me of the people who are nice in private, but once they are out in public and in their "circle," they won't give you so much as a nod. (Those people so need to get over themselves!)  So I told her that not only was I having a great day, but how impressed I was with how nice the people were. It was just so refreshing! As we got to talking, I mentioned how I had been to the area several times and had yet to encounter any type of snobbery. She said to me, "Oh, those kind of people just piss me off!" Then she told me she had to get over to the beer garden because it was almost time for her shift to start. Man, oh man. Did I ever peg that lady wrong. So, it is true....never judge a book by it's cover. What looks like a boring old, dusty novel, just might be the best, juiciest book you've read in a long time. Thanks for the eye opener lady, where ever you are....and by the way....I really am doing great!!