Sunday, April 10, 2011

Told Ya So!

Today Tim and I made yet another quick trip to Alex. As we were rolling down the highway, I noticed a rapid thudthudthudthud sound. I asked Tim, "Do you hear that?" To which he replied, "What?" I again said, "It sounds like thudthudthudthud. That doesn't sound good." He said he didn't hear anything. Now, that's just insane. I can't hear a thing and I heard it, so how could he not? So, once again I told him what I heard and told him to really listen. He said it was nothing. I didn't let up. I told him to pull the car over and he told me to cut it out and "just relax." That is not the right thing to tell me. It makes my blood pressure rise. I was doing a little slow burn. I've been around the block a few times and I've driven a few clunkers in my life. I know what it sounds like when your fan belt is about to snap. I know what it sounds like when your radiator is about to blow, I even know the smell it makes right before it catches on fire! And I know what it sounds like when your tires aren't right!! But, my darling hubby would not listen to me. So, for an hour I listened to that thudthudthud and believe you me, it irritated the honey right out of me! We made our stops and at the last one as we were rolling through the parking lot, I couldn't take it anymore. I said "Pull the car over now!" He did. And guess what!?!?! There stuck in the middle of the tire was a HUGE bolt!! You wanna know what my darling hubby said? He said "Well, it's sealed. We'll just take it easy on the way home." Say what??? I said no way and that we needed to find a garage to get it fixed. Nope. No can do. So, off we went back down the highway of life. (Or the highway to Wheaton anyway.) About five miles out of Alex, I felt a pull, saw Tim grip the wheel and say "Guess the tire's flat." Ahhhhhhhhh.......yep. Immediately I said, "I TOLD YOU SO!" Then I shut my mouth until he got out of the car. Then I laughed and laughed and laughed. Because not only was the tire flat, but it was raining! Poor Tim. He had to lay down in the rain (He used my good blanket though!) and get the spare from under the car. Then he had to jack up the car and take off the tire. Just as he got the spare on though, the jack slipped and fell out from under the car! He couldn't get it. It was still under the car and sunk down in the mud. He was muttering and sputtering. Not a happy camper. So, then guess what we had to do? That's right. Call a freakin' garage!!! (Like I said to do in the first place!) I did learn one thing during it all though. Men stop for mini vans. Not one, not two, but three nice men stopped to ask if we needed help. I can't help but think that as they were driving down the road, spotted the mini van on the side of the road with the flashers on, that they thought "Mom with kids. Think I'll stop and help them out."  I am sure all three were shocked to see Tim crawl out of the van. It gave me the giggles every time. But, not as much as watching Tim change the tire in the rain. But, I was nice. As much as I wanted to,
I did not roll down the window and tell him to "just relax."
No, I did not.

It's just a little flat on the bottom.

Singing in the rain....

My hero!

The price you pay when you don't listen to your wife?
102.94 baby, 102.94.