Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That Darn Bug

I am sick. I never get sick. I wash my hands 3,223 times a day and I never, ever put my fingers in my eyes, nose or mouth. Not even my ears. But somehow darned if I didn't manage to pick up a flu bug this weekend. It started Monday night with a horrible tummy ache and hot and cold flashes that lasted all night long.I even opened the window at one point! I didn't get any sleep at all. But, because I wasn't puking or doing any other unpleasant bodily functions, I didn't think it could be the flu and I opened my day care doors for business. Even though I could barely stand up, I still managed to greet the kids in my normal cheery morning manor. But, once the last child arrived I told Tim, "Don't go!" He let me lay down for a couple of hours and watched the kids for me. I woke up in time to make dinner and then put the kids down for their naps. While they napped, I prayed that I would at least throw up. Didn't happen. I called Tim and asked him to come back as I just couldn't stay awake and the pain was making me crazy. One of my aunt's had a heart attack in her 50's and I honestly was wondering if that might be what was happening to me. I researched the symptoms in woman and it said "flu like symptoms." Freaked me out a little it did. But, instead of going to the hospital like a crazy woman, I started popping all of Tim's heartburn meds. Zanac, gas x, tums, whatever I could find. Didn't work. Tim came home to watch the kids and I went back to bed. One of my dc mom's, Jody brought me some peppermint extract lotion and told me to rub it on my tummy. I have to say, it did help! (Remember that now, the next time you get a belly ache.) But, it wasn't until about 9 last night when I finally threw up about 5 gallons, that I knew I was going to live. The belly ache was now just a little one. Sweet relief! I have never been so happy to puke in my life. Today I closed my day care. I feel like a truck ran over me. It is about killing me though, to have a day off and to not be able to do anything. I am so weak. I emptied half the dishwasher and then had to lay down and rest. I got up and emptied the other half and once again, had to go lay down. As I type this, I am laying on the couch with Tim's laptop. Normally this post would take me just a couple of minutes to type up. I think it's been about 20 minutes. This is not working for me! My brain is saying, "Go! Go! Go!" and my body is saying, "No! No! No!" If this is a little taste of what it is going to be like when I am old, then I am not getting old. Nope. No can do. Not going there. I've got better things to do.