Monday, April 18, 2011

A Good, Good Day!

Had lunch at my favorite place, (Chilli's)
 with one of my favorite friends, Dawn!
Strawberry Margarita's!
Strawberry Daiquiris!
Talk about a power lunch!
(Yes, we did have a little food with it.)
Sent her home with a car FULL of purses!!
Thank you, Dawn!

Dawn's sweet hubby, Brian.

Then on to meet Nancy at Caribou!!
I love their motto.
Life is short. Stay awake for it.

Having coffee with Nancy!
I sent her home with a purse too!
Thank you, Nancy.

The boys.
Kenny and Tim.
Don't they look happy?

I am so blessed.
Thank you Dawn and Nancy
for making my day such a good one!
Love you both!!