Friday, April 22, 2011

I Am Blessed

As Easter approaches,
 it is a time to reflect on all our blessings
 and thank the Good Lord above.
I thank him for...

The endless mountain of dirty laundry.
The endless house cleaning.
And the endless piles of dirty dishes.
I am blessed to have a family to love and care for.

The flat tire that my husband had to change in the rain.
(After refusing to listen to me, when I told him to stop and get it fixed.)
I am blessed to have a vehicle to drive.

The loose shingles, chipping paint and drafty windows.
The cold floors that make me wear shoes all day long.
I am blessed to have a home.

The children who come to my home every day,
Who whine and cry and shriek so high the widows rattle.
Who make me change dirty diapers 2,344 times a day.
Who crawl up on my lap and tell me they love me and make it all better.
I am blessed with a job I love.

The crow's feet that frame my eyes, and the wrinkles that line my face.
I am blessed with friends who make me laugh.

My natural grey & white highlights.
I am blessed to have endured and survived,
many, many crazy rides in my life time.

The huge bags of garbage,
 that I have to haul out to the dumpster every day.
The boxes of "stuff" for the Boy's Ranch,
 that ride around in my car for months,
because I refuse to have another rummage sale.
I am blessed with more than enough.

So, I thank you Lord for all of the blessings
you have bestowed upon me.
I will receive them with open arms
 in whichever way you choose to deliver them.
But Lord, if there's any way you could give me
 a little notice and a running start....
I'd really appreciate it.