Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trivia For Dummies

A long time ago, I bought the game Trivia For Dummies. We also have the regular trivia game, which I hate. I hate it because I don't know any of the answers. I do have a little college under my belt, but that was many years ago and I've forgotten most of it. However, I have been around the block a few times and I am very "life smart." I thought this would be a good game for me and some of my other "life smart" friends, but we never got around to playing it. Life was just too busy I guess. I never opened the game until this afternoon. I was sitting at the computer for 3,002 hours trying to find a pair of flip flops to take to Florida. Apparently all the stores here in Minnesota think it's winter and there isn't a pair to be found! I wasn't having much luck on line either. (I did eventually find a pair.) My back and neck were cramping, so when I streched my arms and neck upwards, I happened to look up at the shelf above my computer. There is where we keep our 1,233,999 games. I spotted the Trivia game and decided to take a look at it. At first the questions seemed a little insulting to anyone's intelligence. For example: Q: How many chocolate wafers are in an Oreo? A: Two. See? Isn't that a little too easy? Then as I was flipping through them, I realized that this could be a really fun game! Imagine the response if you got the Oreo Cookie question wrong! I'll give you a few more.... Q: TV's Arnold the Pig inhabits ____Acres.  Q: True or False? On a clear night you can see Uranus without a telescope. (Come on! That one's funny without the answer!!) The answers are: Green Acres and you cannot see Uranus without a telescope. (Doesn't matter what the weather.) Some were a little harder to me, but maybe to someone else it would be easy. For example: Q: What is the most popular color used in professional Jell-O wrestling? (I didn't even know there was professional Jello-O wrestling!) A: Green (Or Lime) Then there was one that really grossed me out. I didn't know the answer and wasn't sure I wanted to either. Q: True or False? Parchment paper is made from animal skin. TRUE!!! Oh, man. That's just not right! So, there you go. You learned something new today, or maybe not. It might not have been a "life smart" lesson, but you've got to admit it was at least more interesting than trigonometry!