Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh, Deer.

As you can see from the previous post, we hit a deer. Here's the story...
Since I am no longer doing home purse parties, I try to attend at least one or two "Events" (Festivals, Craft fairs, Expo's, etc..) a month with my purses. Normally when we do an event, we go the night before and stay in a hotel. Sometimes we bring Landon and go swimming and make it a fun family weekend. However, last weekend we just decided to get up early and go the same day. So, Landon spent the night at his grandparent's and Tim and I were on the road at 6:00 A.M.! I am a GREAT backseat driver. I let out no more than 1,235 "GASPS!" "SLOW DOWN!" and  "WATCH IT!" during every road trip. I have worn out the carpet in all of our vehicles on the passenger side from stomping on my imaginary brake. I admit it. I am not a joy to ride with. (Kinda ironic considering how I used to "tear up the roads" in my younger days!) Anyway, we were about a mile from Alex (in my purse van) when a car was approaching from the other direction. Tim dimmed his lights and 2 seconds later this HUGE deer head popped up in front of the van! It went THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The deer went flying into the ditch and the van started squealing and smoking!!! Tore off the whole front end of the van. I had covered my face with my hands, as I thought for sure that deer was going to come flying through the window. Thank goodness it did not. Now here is the crazy part. After we hit the deer, I felt calm. (Tim, not so much.) I can't explain it. Even when the van was smoking and the radiator was pouring out water and squealing, I felt calm. (But, not calm enough to try and find the deer to take a picture. Sorry.) Guess it's the little things that make me nervous, while the big things are a piece of cake! Go figure. We drove to the truck stop about a mile up the road and called my dad who brought us our enclosed trailer, and we headed back out to our event in his truck. Now that would have made a great picture! Tim, my dad and I, all tucked in his little tiny truck! Breathing room only. The event was a great show and I am so thankful for that.
Even with the dead deer and totaled van.
I'll take my blessings however they come.