Monday, November 22, 2010

I Love My Job!

Yesterday as I stepped outside onto the back deck, I didn't realize that there was a thin layer of ice covering the deck. As my foot made contact with the deck, the ice sent me straight down into a perfectly painful split! (I haven't done that since high school!) I wasn't hurt. Just stretched a few muscles that I haven't used in a loooong time. So, today I am very, very thankful for my job. I not only have a job that I love, but it also allows me to work from the comforts of INSIDE my home! In the summer, I am thankful that I can work OUTSIDE (In the back yard.) of my home, in the warm sunshine. I love my job!  I have been so blessed with a great group of little kiddos. They make me laugh all the time, and make my job so much fun!  I sure do appreciate each and every one of them. Allow me to share with you, a few tibits that are spoken pretty much on a daily basis around here. Welcome to a little piece of our world here at Desiree's Day Care!

Lifting her halloween mask, (They get to play with them year 'round.) "It's just me, Desiree." (I love that she is trying to comfort me in case I am scared.)

"I gotta poop. Can you wipe me?" (I know. Ewww...but it is said in such a sweet little voice, it's hard not to smile.)

"Can we go outside?" (This is said 4,677 times a day. Even when it is pouring down rain or whipping freezing cold snow.)

"Daddy's coming!" (This is said 3,433 times a day, from the same little girl whose dad picks her up at the end of the day. After saying it for the 3,432nd time, the kids start telling her "We knooooow!!!)

"Can we have pizza for dinner?" (This is said 2,988 times a day, even as the plates are being set down in front of them and it's not pizza.)

"You're a great cook!"  (This compliment is usually reserved for only the days that we have pizza or a sweet sugary snack!)

"If you don't help clean up, you have to starve!" (Not really. I tell the kids that we can't have dinner until all the toys are picked up.)

"I smell poopy pants!" (A lot of times, there isn't really any poopy pants at all. It is just an an excuse used by the kid who just passed a little gas.)

I'm not gonna sleep. I'm just gonna rest my face." (This child usually falls asleep within minutes of laying her head on her pillow.)

"More ketchup, please." (This is a must have, no matter what is for dinner. I think the ketchup companies should give me a little free stock, considering how much of their ketchup I buy!)

"Take my picture!" (I try to take 6,788 pictures of the kids each day and email them to the parents. The girls love being the "star" of the picture. The boys, not so much.)

"OOOO.KKKK. Deeeessssiiirrreeeee...." (This is said 2,616 times with a sweet little smile after being told 2,616 times not to step on the toys or put them in their mouth.)

"I like it here!" (This one melts my heart every time and calls for an immediate hug!)

I like it here too. (((hugs)))