Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Socks

I picked up some new socks for Landon last weekend. I decided to go with the next size up because he is growing fast, and being the good mom that I am, I want to make sure my sweet babycakes legs don't get cold this winter. (Sorry Landon. Someday, you will love those terms of endearment. I promise.) I was in the kitchen washing up the breakfast dishes when Landon called to me from the other room. Here is our conversation as hollered from room to room:
Landon: Mom! Come here! These socks are waaaay too big!
Me: I'm doing dishes Landon. They aren't that much bigger than your other ones. Just put them on.
Landon: Mom! They go way up to my knees!! Come here!
Me: They aren't that big, Landon. My hands are wet. I'm doing the dishes.
Just wear them.
Landon: I can't. They are way too big! Come here and look!
I threw down the dish scrubber, grabbed a towel, dried my hands and went into the room to check out those supposedly BIG socks.
He was right. They did go all the way up to his knees!
But that is because I accidently put a pair of his dad's
(SIZE 14!) socks in his sock drawer!
He got me. That kid is just way too funny. Wonder where he gets that spectacular sense of humor from?