Friday, May 14, 2010

Private Practice

I have four favorite shows I watch. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Some people are addicted to crack. I am addicted to these shows. I wouldn't care if I never saw another television show, as long as I still could watch these four shows. Tim and Landon know that Thursday and Sunday nights are "Mom's T.V." night. I tell them, "Don't bug me. You have each other. You can live without me for two hours on Thursday and Sunday nights."
They are usually pretty good about it. I love them for that!
Last night Private Practice was on. It made me cry. Really hard. I have a headache from it this morning.
When a show can do that, make you insanely mad/sad/angry, that's when you know they have good writers. That's when the Emmys and Oscars come out. I was mad and sad. On the show there is a fella named Dell. He has a daughter who is about 5 or 6 years old named Betsy. Her mom died from an explosion while cooking meth. So, Dell was raising his daughter alone. Dell got into a car accident and was going to have surgery that he might not survive. So, he was telling Betsy that if he died, then it would be o.k. because that meant all the bad things that were going to happen to her, were already done. That she was actually getting a good deal.
WHAT?? A good deal?? I hated that part!! You don't tell children that!
That's the part where I got mad.
Anyway, Dell died. So, when one of the Dr.'s on the show tells Betsy, (Of course there is slow music playing in the background which makes you cry buckets.) she starts to pound on his chest with her fists,
and he has to hold on to her tight. Everyone on the show was crying and grieving. It was horrible.
That's the part that made me cry something awful. It tore at my heartstrings, leaving me exhausted.
Now, I know that sex, drama and tragedy sell. That's what the shows have to do these days to become hits. Simple good humor doesn't cut it anymore. "Dell" was probably wanting off the show or was getting let go in real life. So, this is what they came up with. That show is going to get a lot of awards. I'm still a little mad.