Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome To The Neighborhood, Dude!

Had a little scare today. I was looking out my window for the UPS guy and this guy was standing in front of my house, in the street, leaning on a suitcase. Normally, I wouldn't give it a second thought as there are all kinds of crazy living in our town now. But, since it was 40 below and he was walking with a friggin' suitcase...well, my little red flags started waving. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots from my windows. Whatever was in the suitcase was super heavy as he could only go a few yards, before he had to stop and rest. I put these pictures on facebook, hoping someone would recognize him and give me a reasonable reason for hauling a suitcase in the dead of winter, down the street. No one knew him. Some thought I should call the police. I wasn't sure if it was police worthy, but was a little concerned because if he was homeless and if he knew the house next door was vacant...well...ya know? So, I did call the cop shop. I told the dispatcher what I saw and asked if she could tell the big guys and if someone could keep an eye on my corner as we were going to be gone a few days. She called me back a little later and informed me that the police had followed the suitcase tracks to a house (I do not know which house) and that they knew who he was, and he had just moved here. Sigh of relief. Another post was made on facebook to update everyone, and then someone posted that they had seen the guy in the grocery store and that he had bought a ton of groceries. So, that explains the heavy suitcase and stopping to rest. Well, that's small town livin'. Ya ain't gonna get away with nothin' around here. Welcome to the neighborhood dude, from the crazy lady down the street!