Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Etsy & Ebay

O.k. this is the last post about this! I promise. (Well, maybe I promise.) I keep going back and forth between Etsy and Ebay. I opened the Etsy store a few weeks ago. You can check that out here:

BTW....I sold my 7th item today! It's my birthday and 7 is my lucky number! Hope that means that I am going to get lucky on the lottery tonight! Baahahaha....

Anyway, I posted a few items on Ebay, but didn't open a store. I have been selling a few things here and there. So, last night I decided to pull a few of the duplicate items that I had on Etsy, and open an Ebay store! You can check that out here:

Feel free to pass along the sites to anyone you think might be interested. While there isn't a ton of fun in either store....yet, come this spring though, when it's warm enough to get out to my treasure shed....then look out! Let the good times roll....and shop.