Friday, February 1, 2013

Let Them Eat Peanut Butter Cake!

It's no secret that I'm just not a baker. I have a little trouble following recipe's and I only have two or three recipes that ever work for me. But that doesn't stop me from pinning 3,467 beautiful, mouthwatering pictures of baked goods, recipes included, on Pinterest. I love peanut butter and one picture that I had pinned of frosted peanut butter cake, just wouldn't leave me alone. It kept calling my name until I finally broke down and I just had to try it.

Pinned Image
It knows my name.

So, I skimmed the recipe and thought I had all the ingredients and set to work. When I got to the sugar amounts, I was blown away. (I didn't look at the amounts when I was skimming.) It called for 77 cups of brown sugar and 88 cups of white sugar. O.k. maybe not quite that much, but close. Since it was Friday and I am going to start my diet on Monday, I decided to keep on going anyway. Sugar be darned. Then I got to the ingredient, buttermilk. I don't believe in my lifetime, I have ever purchased buttermilk. But, I wasn't going to be discouraged. I simply hopped on Pinterest and typed in, "buttermilk substitutes." Low and behold, did you know that adding a little lemon juice to milk will give you buttermilk? I just happen to have both milk and lemon juice. So, after making homemade buttermilk, I was able to keep on going. I was a little worried how it was going to turn out, as every time I add or subtract or substitute an ingredient in a recipe, I end up with glop or glue. The cake mix looked pretty good and it poured right into the pan, smooth as melted butter. (It should. There was a whole freakin' stick of it in there!) I popped it in the oven and baked it according to the directions. When the timer dinged, I stuck a toothpick in and it came out clean. The top also bounced right back all nice and spongy like it was suppose to and miracles of miracles, it wasn't lop sided! (For some reason, all my cakes come out looking like a tidal wave.)

Isn't it beautiful?
I was so happy with my cake, but I still had this feeling of dread though, when it came to making the peanut butter frosting. I just didn't think that with my cake being so perfect, that the frosting would turn out well too. That was just asking too much from the baking fairies. Ya know? But....look!

I know. I'm blown away too.

The recipe said to pour the frosting onto the warm cake. My frosting didn't exactly pour, but it did spread very nice and easy. I thought for sure it was just going to melt into a messy, watery, glue on that warm cake....but...look!!

This is my cake!!!
And guess what??
It tasted wonderful!!!
I just love a happy ending.
Well...there's one more thing.

I was so busy reading the recipe, that it wasn't until I was half way through, that I even noticed what was printed at the top of the page.

I like to think that I am beyond that, and I have no worries. But I sure would hate to be one of those freaks that you see on the Maury show. I can just see it now...
"She got knocked up at 85 and didn't know it!
She says it was the....peanut butter."