Monday, June 18, 2012

My $40 Mini Dougnuts

The other weekend I was shopping in Target, (Shhh....don't tell Walmart!) and my this little red baby caught my eye. I must have been hungry because even though the doughnuts on the doughnut maker didn't really look all that good, I still had to have it. I had visions of little doughnuts like the ones you get at the fair. Into my cart it went. It was only $20 and I thought it would be fun for Landon and the dc kids. When the dc kids arrived that week, I announced we were making doughnuts! Oh, the happy faces. I started to mix up the batter when I realized we were out of sugar. I am not a big baker, so sugar isn't something I always make sure I have. So, I wrote a $10 check and asked Landon to please go to the store and get a bag of sugar. He came back with....

The world's largest freakin' bag of sugar! I honestly don't even know how he got it home, as he was on his scooter. He said that he was keeping my change for a tip. lol
I let him as the sugar was almost that much anyway!

So, once again I got to mixin' up that ol' batter. But, then...I realized we were out of eggs!
Not a baker, not big egg get the picture. So, it took another $10 check as Landon was not going to the store without another tip. (To be fair, it was in the 90's that day, and if I was him I wouldn't have even done it for the tips!) And he came back with....

The worlds freakin' largest dozen of eggs! Seriously. I have never bought eggs by the 18 pack. I don't know what he was thinking. Guess he was making sure I had enough and he wouldn't have to go back to the store. Ha! I probably would have done that too at his age.

So, once again I started mixing up the batter. I made a double batch. Mistake. There was enough batter to feed the whole neighborhood! I poured the first batch and it smoked a little bit. Then a lot. Stunk up the house. It was hot and tedious work. When the little light went off and we opened the top up...

We had seven greasy mini doughnuts!
Then we added a little melted chocolate and sprinkles.

Landon in a sugar glazed daze....
Then I continued to cook and cook doughnuts.

Just a few of the 4,344 doughnuts a double batch makes. In conclusion, I do have to say that I will not be making anymore mini doughnuts. It was hot, greasy, messy work. I would much rather wait for the fair and spend my $40 there.When Tim came home, he thought they were great and said he would make them next time.  I bet he only makes them once.  I just bet ya.