Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just A Swingin'

I am sure I have posted somewhere about Landon and his tarzan side. We have a beautiful tree (I know I posted about that!) in our backyard. I love it. Absolutly love it. When Landon was three or four he would take a ladder, place it under the tree, jump off, grab the branches and SWING! Then when he was older/taller, he would use  chair to jump off of, then eventually all he had to do was run, grab and swing!!! Gave me many heart attacks over the years, yes he did. But, I love watching him go now. I even want to try it! But, I'm afraid I'll slip and fall and break something important that I need. So, I just watch. I entered a contest that Erin Martinek (Check out her photography site here: ) had posted on facebook and won! I won a ton of cool photo stuff. So, I booked our family session. (She did our last family shot....I am embarrassed to say....6 years ago!) I knew I wanted to have the picture taken in front of our old patina'd shed. (I have to paint it this summer and that makes me sad.) I also wanted to do something fun, other than just sit and smile shots. So, I decided to have Tim help me drag our living room couch (He was so happy to do that!) out there and I begged Landon to swing (It only cost me an electric scooter) from the tree. I had it in my head that Tim and I would just sit there while Landon did his thing, but Erin told me to lay down and told Tim where to place his hands and how to hold our heads, etc... and the picture came out GREAT! I am so amazed that she was able to not only get the shot with Landon swinging, but she was able to capture him smiling! The look on his face is pure pleasure. Erin is incredible and has such a sharp eye for detail. She rocks! (She in no way, has asked me to say any of this. This is my opinion entirely!) I only got a sneak peek at this one and we are still waiting to see the others. But, I already know this one is my FAVORITE!!! It is so us. Thank you so much, Erin!!!!