Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank You Landon!

This morning I posted on Facebook that this weather makes me wants to get out the hammock and curl up in it with an old quilt and take a nap. When Landon came home from school today, I mention how I wished our hammock was set up. Say no more! He ran to the shed and drug out the ol' hammock and had it set up in no time! It was great entertainment for the dc kids.

He even put it under my favorite tree!
He knows me so well.

After the dc kids went home, I couldn't wait to jump right in!!
I forgot how tricky they could be though...
I asked Tim to take one nice relaxing picture so I
could send it to my mom in Florida. I wanted to remind her
that Minnesota isn't just snow anymore!

Now quite relaxing just yet....but getting close.

Ahhh...wake me up in the morning.
I'm good.